DigiPub/Getty Images, These Will Be the 11 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2019, According to Chefs. While the overall concept of a restaurant may stay the same — serving or delivering food to customers — the way restaurants do this has and will likely continue to change. Tech: “Many U.S. restaurants have been quick to adopt technology in its many forms to maximize efficiency and improve customer experience, and this will now roll out to the majority. Restaurant trends in 2019 #4: Online reviews will significantly impact the growth of a restaurant business. Also, branded packaging is more important as consumers are not in the restaurant’s own environment. Check out the restaurant trends to come in 2019: Plant-based snacking. – Jean Imbert, executive chef at L’Acajou and Swan and Bar Bevy, “With chef José Andrés nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, it shows the capability our industry has to improve the lives in the communities we serve. trends New Year 2019 Share 2018 was the year when kombucha became the new cider , non-alcoholic drinks grew in spirit and South American cuisine, from Mexico to … To celebrate 15 years of Yelp, the restaurant review site’s data science team looked into top food and diet trends from the past 15 years. It symobilizes a website link url. For sure CBD, but more like burgers in plant-form that are as greasy and not really healthy as regular ones, just more protein conscious.” – Spike Mendelsohn, chef at Vim & Victor, restaurateur, and consultant at Sunnyside Restaurant Group, “People want to know more and more about where their food is coming from. Spoiler alert: Get ready for more plant-based dining and fast-casual spots. The restaurant industry changes so quickly that if it’s easy to miss trends. What trends should you adapt to in order for your restaurant business to gain momentum? Published on January 17th, 2019 by Marketing 4 Restaurants << Previous Episode. As event venues, restaurants will use online technologies to offer their spaces for events, introducing the best seating plans and capacities depending on the number of guests.”, Thanks to Anna Bessonowa, Director of Operations at Magic Day Luxury Experiences, “Delivery orders will become increasingly important”. Thanks to Neal Dennis, Chief Operating Officer at Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries. The biggest Denver restaurant trends of 2019 From campy concepts to viral wonton trucks, here’s what kept popping up on the local food scene. By Josie Sexton, The Denver Post Dec 27, 2019… Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. The customers’ favourite vegan restaurant in the UK, as voted by the public in Deliveroo’s Restaurant Awards in October 2019, is currently Oowee Vegan, in Bristol. So to combat this, I believe restaurants will open what is being referred to as “Ghost Kitchens”. “As a supplier to thousands of restaurants including large chains, here is what we see trending for the next year: Off-premises including delivery, pick-up, catering, food trucks and service at special events. In fact, in a recent survey, we found that 63% of employees say they have visited new restaurants they discovered through their office’s meals. Digitalization in the restaurant industry will help the owners to identify tastes and needs of the customers. Restaurant trends in 2019 #1: More customers will choose the restaurants’ delivery services. Along these lines, trying to figure out interactive or shared dishes to make people interact more.” – Marc Forgione, chef and partner at Marc Forgione, “It’s all about plant proteins, but not in the way you imagine. From surging health trends to hidden veg and Burmese cuisine, this is going to be another rollercoaster year in how we cook, shop, drink and eat at home and in restaurants. Adding plant-based ingredients to meatballs and burgers is another nod to the healthy eating trend. All Rights Reserved. Restaurant trends in 2019 #5: More customers will enjoy their food off-site. Read more about it in this G2 post. One way to handle that deal mentality without sacrificing margins is to offer LTOs, specialty beverages and premiu… And we’ve seen this in restaurants, with menus boasting plant-based chicken and beef, for example. In certain major markets, retail real estate rental rates can be over $100/sqft. 1. “We expect delivery to grow in 2019 as restaurant brands try to figure out how to make it profitable while, at the same time, maintaining the quality of their food. We asked some of the most recognizable names in food to predict the Next Big Things. Many big brands have already started offering delivery. Specifically, the restaurant year that was. When searching for local businesses online, users are now shown Google review ratings for local businesses BEFORE websites. What will some of the emerging current trends in the restaurant industry be in 2019? As 2019 draws to a close, we can begin to look back at the year that was. Next Episode >> Right click here and save-as to download this episode to your computer. “We are watching technology closely to see how millennial preferences will affect full-service business, due to their seeming preference for interacting with technology. The annual MUFSO conference — which this year was in Denver for the first time — ended on Wednesday, wrapping up a … Here’s a peek at some of the can’t-miss trends to watch for. Top 2019 restaurant trends for your website, menu, reservations and more Restaurant trends in 2019 #5: More customers will enjoy their food off-site. It’s about using fresh plant-based ingredients to create delicious meals that aren’t just alternatives to meat, but complete dishes on their own. Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. The state of the restaurant industry is ever-evolving, but nothing could have prepared restaurant owners and operators for 2020. Delivery Services: “As takeout continues to grow in popularity, to-go and delivery orders will become increasingly important to restaurants in 2019 and beyond. You might be asking yourself: What are some popular trends going on in the food service industry today? 2019 Tech Trends Industry insiders predict top tech restaurant trends of 2019. Restaurant business will become more cashless. It’s really a nice blog for restaurant owners or cafe owners like me. A lot of older French techniques are reemerging, but in their true unadulterated form.” – Jeremy Ford, chef and partner of Stubborn Seed, “I think we’ll continue to see more elevated bar and lounges where both the drinks and food are very experimental. 2018 saw a rise in gut-friendly foods and booze-free beverages, but what does 2019 have in store? Top food trends for 2019 by Great British Chefs 04 December 2018 04 December 2018 We take a look at the eight things we think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2019, from hot ingredients and cooking techniques to styles of restaurant and changing eating habits. Apps, mobile ordering, self-serve checkout pads, even robotics and cobotics are no longer ‘nice to have’ features but must-haves that will help you stay competitive. Theme: More Conscious & Healthier Eating. The “trendologists” at San Francisco-based hospitality consultancy af&co. Part 1 of this series features executives from Paytronix and CoInspect. Many municipalities and foodservice companies are implementing policies to reduce the use of certain items such as plastic straws and expanded polystyrene (foam) products. Restaurant Dive’s Top Trends of 2019 showcase just how quickly technology has transformed operations across categories. Consumers make decisions visiting restaurant websites, they use apps, make orders online, read reviews and share their experience with other users on social media. We asked some of the industry experts to predict the next big things. She pushes online restaurants on the fast-track to quickly growing their online sales. Please enter your email address below if you lost your password. From the local restaurant perspective, office catering partnerships provide a valuable additional revenue stream with some partners reaching more than $1 Million dollars in sales. Vegan isn’t exactly new, but the growing trend is Vegan-ish. Value-priced menus have always drawn a certain type of consumer, but more than a third (37%) of consumers are seeking deals more than two years ago, according to Technomic’s 2017 Value & Pricingreport. Restaurants are also learning how to better interpret consumer data … Meat substitutes and meat blended with vegetables. Not only that but restaurants are able to hone their catering best practices and gain brand exposure they might not otherwise reach via foot traffic. Current restaurant food trends indicate that the fast-casual chains will expand more. So stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the most important restaurant trends in 2019 to propel the growth of your business. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. For 2019, this segment is expected to reach US$863 billion in total sales.. Fast-casual restaurants are booming today. Meals made from fresh, organic foods that are in season. “For growing trends in the restaurant industry, consider more restaurants leaning on corporate catering as an additional revenue stream to offset rising costs in operations. 102 – Restaurant Trends for 2019. Sustainable packaging and other supplies. It wasn’t long ago where people didn’t know the difference between Mexican cuisine with foods from Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but that has changed and will continue to.” – Michelle Bernstein, chef and owner of Cafe La Trova, cookbook author, and television personality, “Kelp, kelp and more kelp! And as one goes by, another 10 are waiting in the wings. With a little bit of work up front, they’re a great way to increase brand awareness and boost your cash flow. The better your SEO, the higher your website is ranked when users search for local businesses.”, Thanks to Dan Strutt, Co-Founder at App.Foundation & Sapsuma, “Restaurants are able to hone their catering best practices and gain brand exposure they might not otherwise reach via foot traffic”. The occupancy costs of this kind of new restaurant is much lower and gives restauranteurs the ability to open in major urban markets with an economic model that works. If you own the restaurant business it is crucial to follow the latest trends to stay up from the competitors. Darcy Schild. There is a great demand for products that can easily be recycled and/or composted. You can read about each of the trends on Skift Table as well as 2020 Restaurant Dine-in Menu Trends. An image of a chain link. Download our State of the Restaurant Industry Report for 2020 menu, sales, and holiday trends, plus stories from restaurant owners who managed to grow sales despite the pandemic. With a new year on the horizon, Food & Wine tapped 13 forward-thinking chefs from around the country to talk about what they expect to see in the coming year.