(i) An application for transfer shall be addressed to the competent authority as mentioned in Para B above. DOPT office memorandum, central government orders, state government employees, Central PSU employees or vice versa shall not be allowed. Click here to Read : Posting of Husband and Wife at the Same Station DoPT Guidelines. Regards It should not be difficult to replace such officials on completion of tenure. Inter-region/Intra region) transfer during entire service. Travelling Allowance Rules – Reimbursement of Travelling charges for travel within the city admissible under Daily Allowance on tour, Holidays observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2021, Expected Dearness allowance [DA] from January 2021 Calculator, A handbook for retiring central government employees – Download here, Posting/transfer of defence civilian employees on compassionate grounds or on mutual basis, http://dopt.gov.in/transfer-policy-and-transfer-orders, Expected DA For Bank Employees From November 2020, LTC Leave Enhancement Calculator For Block Year 2018-2021. (ii) The Circles shall not entertain requests for inter-Circle transfer on temporary basis in a routine manner. shall not be permissible. XV. 2. Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Department of Personnel and Training) North Block, New Delhi, Dated the 30th September, 2009. (i) As a general rule, an official shall not be transferred from one unit to another, either within the same Circle, or to another Circle unless he has completed probation period satisfactorily. New products/services and modern technology are being introduced in the Department of Posts in a big way. The transfer/posting/retransfer of officials as Sub Postmaster/Postal Assistant in a single handed or double handed Post Offices shall be regulated as per the instructions issued by Investigation Division of the Directorate, in this regard. TA on Transfer – 7th CPC Analysis and Recommendations TA on Transfer. IX. Only after considering all such requests, vacancies shall be announced. Latest updates of Central Government employees news and 7th pay commission pay matrix tables, A  question was raised in Lok Sabha regarding Policy for Transfer and Posting of Women Employees in Central Government. However, in case of female employee, such priority shall be available for each legal marriage. 3-A Promptness and Courtesy 5. (xv) An Assistant Superintendent of Posts shall not be transferred under rule 38 to a Circle where all his seniors in the grade of Inspector Posts are not promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Posts, excluding those who have not been promoted due to disciplinary action or who have denied promotion. Presently it has four components: (a) Travel entitlement similar to Travelling Allowance, (b) Composite Transfer and Packing grant (CTG), (c) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of personal effects, and (d) Reimbursement of charges on transportation of conveyance. (iv) Where a request for transfer is not agreed to, the reasons thereof, shall be communicated to the official immediately. (iii) Intra-Region-PMG, (II) Cases where any of the conditions of these guidelines are not met – Directorate, C. Maintenance of request register & Schedule for transfer under Rule 38:-. IV. All such requests for transfer not agreed to by the competent authority shall be referred to the Directorate with proper justification. As recruitment of women employees in Central Government increased considerably over the years, the Husband and wife being government service want to be posted at same station. Such authority has agreed to allow inward transfer of the official. Kindly suggest me and guide me. proper succession planning will have to be made by the HOCs/Regional/Divisional/Unit Heads well in time. SO FAR AS RULE POSITION IS CONCERNED, TRANSFER CAN NOT BE CLAIMED AS RIGHT. (x) Only such official who has completed probation or put in minimum service of 2 years in the grade where there is no probation period shall be eligible for transfer under Rule 38: Provided that the condition of 2 years or probation period shall not be applicable for Persons with Disabilities (PwD): Provided further that the condition of 2 years or probation period shall not be applicable if employee/his or her spouse/fully dependent children are suffering from Terminal illness. in consultation with Accounts Officer ICO (SB) may consider movement of SBCO officials outside the cluster. However, in case of female employee, such priority shall be available for each legal marriage. 7. 6. XII. (iv) When an official is transferred at his own request but without arranging for mutual exchange, he shall rank junior in the gradation list of the new unit to all officials of that unit on the date on which the transfer order is issued, including also all persons who have been approved for appointment to that grades as on that date. c) For transfer cases considered and approved in the month of June, orders shall be issued by 30th June by the competent authority, transferring the official w.e.f. It may be ensured that women employees are posted/transferred to an office only after ensuring that basic and essential amenities for women as required are available there. (v) If the old and the new unit form parts of a wider unit for the purpose of promotion to a higher cadre, the transferee (whether by mutual exchange or otherwise) will retain his original seniority in the gradation list of the wider unit. Can the employee be transferred while his spouse is working in the same place. Sub:- Mutual Transfer involving employees working in two different grades. The portal provides online facility to users across India to lodge complaints, submit documents and appear for virtual hearing. December 28, 2020 By GEDWEBZIP Leave a Comment. If officials belonging to various cadres are waiting since long for their posting to particular stations and it has not been found possible to accede to their request for one reason or other, such pending requests for transfer may be acceded to in really deserving cases by transferring out officials having longest stay in such stations in the public interest. Officials, other than all Sub Postmaster/Postal Assistants in a single handed or double handed Post Offices, who are due for retirement within one year shall not be transferred, unless otherwise specially specified or there are very special reasons to be recorded in writing by the Head of the Circle. I shall be very thankful to you for this. The guidelines in this regard are as under: (i) Temporary inter-circle transfer shall be approved only by the Directorate on the recommendation of both CPMG. However, if both are entitled for reimbursement of cost of travel by personal car, if required they can travel seperatey and claim both of such travel expenses. III. The DOPT has issued instruction for Posting of husband and wife at the same station time to time. e-Sampada Mobile App and Chatbot facility has been provided for better user experience. An official may be posted back to any sensitive post that he/she had held earlier; subject to the condition that such transfer may only be considered after a break of full post tenure. 3 General 4. All such officials who are due for rotational transfer on completion of post tenure/station tenure shall be asked to give at least three options of the place of posting/station with reasons to enable the authorities to consider the same while effecting transfer. comprises of the following elements: – VIII. (v) Grant of temporary transfer from one Circle to another will be considered initially for a period of one year only. However, such cases shall be considered as a fresh transfer case under Rule 38 subject to all other provisions of these guidelines. Where spouse of an employee is working, guidelines issued by Department of Personnel & Training regarding posting of husband and wife at same station shall be taken into account while implementing rotational transfer guidelines. Further, official due for retirement within four years shall not be posted as Sub Postmaster/Postal Assistants in a single handed or double handed Post Offices. http://dopt.gov.in/transfer-policy-and-transfer-orders. In respect of GPF Rule, female employees can nominate their parents for the benefits of GPF. 7. Post tenure of an employee shall be 3 years and station tenure shall be 6 years. Female employee govt bank transfer rights; Respected Sir/Mam, I am Rajesh Kumar Contractual Employee of Haryana School Shiksha Priyojana Prishad of Haryana Govt. Is there any govt rule, that the employee shall not be transferred during the academic period. Postal Assistant to Sorting Assistant etc. (a)&(b): Respective Ministries / Departments have their own guidelines / policy for transfer and posting of their employees depending upon the specific requirements of that Ministry / Department. (xii) One additional chance for transfer in both the categories, viz. And my wife is joined a Public Sector Bank of Indian Govt … Thus, allowing the administration/official to plan in the intervening period. II. However, in exceptional circumstances, DPS (Hqs.) (vi) An official transferred from one unit to another will be allowed to seek re-transfer to his/her old unit. Each Circle shall notify in advance the schedule of Rotational Transfer taking into consideration the academic session of the State/UT served by the Circle. If so what is the departmental Memo No?Please confirm the authenticity of the same. As per Rule 50 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, father and mother of a Govt. Why different Fitment Factor used in 7th CPC Pay Matrix? In fact I wish to know as to whether the order has been promulgated. Service level benchmarks and activity log for officials are incorporated to ensure accountability. Please click on the number of respective Fundamental Rules to view details in a separate page. 2 Definitions 3. The Department has already taken necessary steps to train its manpower for successful implementation of IT project. Group ‘C’ officials Bringing of direct or indirect political or other outside influence regarding posting/transfer would attract the provisions of Rule 20 of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964, as per which an appropriate disciplinary action may be initiated against the official/officer. The Department of Personnel and Training is the coordinating agency of the Central Government in personnel matters specially issues concerning recruitment, training, career development and staff welfare. Post Offices to Circle Office, Regional Office, SBCO, Postal Assistant to Sorting Assistant etc. Such extensions to Group ‘B’ officials shall be granted by the Head of the Circles after due consideration. All India Services Rules Regarding Death-cum-Retirement Benefits 1958 . (vii) Requests of the officials for extension of temporary transfer should be forwarded by the Circle with due recommendation of both the Circles at least two months in advance before expiry of period of temporary transfer already granted by the Directorate. Over 15,000 central government employees with disabilities may now have a reason to cheer. In no case, post tenure of an official shall be extended beyond one year. On 1-month percentage change, it increased by (+) 0.33 % between October and November, 2020 compared to (+) 0.92 % increase between corresponding months of previous year, CGHS beneficiaries getting medicines for Chronic diseases shall be permitted to purchase medicines based on the prescription held (prescribed by CGHS Medical Officers/CGHS Specialists /other Govt. VI. annexure iii: transfer benefits to executives joining vsp on appointment from central government/public sector undertakings and vice-versa. (vii) To remove any doubt it is hereby clarified an official on transfer to an unit from where he/she was transferred earlier shall not claim the seniority in the old unit before such initial transfer. OFFICE MEMORANDUM Subject: Posting of husband and wife at the same station. Transfer case of such officials shall be referred to Directorate with due recommendation of CPMsG concerned supported by relevant documents. 3. Transfer Policy for Postal Civil Wing Officers and Officials – Issue of guidelines. Entitlements for journey on Transfer: I. Is my job transfer to the place ? (ii) As and when an application for transfer is received, it shall be recorded in inward or outward transfer request register, as the case may be, in order from date of receipt of such application by the competent authority i.e.