Comparatively, the size of the nucleus is smaller than the size of the atom. Submitted by Monika Sharma, on March 15, 2020 . The production of propane creates methane however, which is a major drawback. When burned, solar energy releases harmful toxins. ECB simply divides a message into 16 bit blocks, … Under this, the inventory is categorized into three categories, namely A, B, and C, based on their value. THE LOW-LIGHT LEVEL OF THE IMAGE. Which of the following is a major drawback of solar energy? In other words, we may also call it SIC (selective inventory control). Wind turbines. It is positively charged and almost all mass of the atom resides in it. a. cost of equipment b. the low-light level of the image c. the use of photopic vision d. two of the above e. all of the above. Q1. B) resources must be diverted to the accumulation of large foreign exchange reserves. Electrons spin around the nucleus in a circular path. The amount of sunlight varies with location, date, and time. Solar energy is nonrenewable. Wind energy is produced through wind turbines which are placed in high-wind places such as the shorelines and the deserts. The major drawbacks of Dalton's atomic theory are: 1)Dalton's atomic theory states that atoms are indivisible but now we know that atoms can be further divided into much smaller particles such as neutron, proton and electron. Minor Drawbacks may be, when deemed appropriate by the GM, removed through expenditure of an unselected trait slot (such as those granted by the Extra Traits feat), or through an appropriate quest and/or roleplaying effort over time. What is one of the major drawbacks of conventional fluoroscopy? C) monetary policy cannot be used to stabilize output and the inflation rate. The following … Disadvantages of File Processing System: File Processing System was first to replace non-computer based approach for maintaining records.It was a successful System of its time and still there are many organizations that are using File Processing System to maintain their data and information. ABC Analysis is an inventory management technique that a company can use for the complete chain of materials and distribution management. Electronic Code Book (ECB) ... A major drawback of ECB is that if the same block of data is encrypted, it will always generate the same ciphertext. 216.All of the following are major drawbacks of a fixed exchange rate EXCEPT that: A) exchange controls must be imposed at the cost of administrative red tape and corruption. Drawbacks of Rutherford Atomic Model Here, we have a set of multiple-choice questions and answers (quiz) on basics of Free and open-source software.For any help, you can refer to the previous articles on the same topic. What … A GM can treat the removal of a Major Drawback as being worth 2,500 gp of treasure, using the guidelines above. ECB is the simplest mode of operation for encrypting large amounts of data with block ciphers. But it is just not suitable for handling data of big firms and organizations. However, European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde’s recent statement that “we are not here to close spreads” – which caused a sharp rise in Italian bond yields – was one the strongest slaps in the face Italy has received in recent years. Which if the following devices revolutionized fluoroscopy in the 1950's? Solar cells are harmful to the environment. In areas where the wind is high, it has been found to be the source that generates the largest renewable electricity. B. The Rutherford atomic model has the following features: The centre of an atom is called the nucleus.